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Top 10 Benefits

We’re The Group Leader’s Best Friend!

  1. You’ll have your very own travel agent to ensure your trip goes off smoothly.
  2. No deposits required, just payment 30 days before your trip. Each golfer pays us directly on our secure website.
  3. Individual golfers can cancel 48 hours out with a full refund (50% with less than 48 hours).
  4. Rain? No problem…you get a refund for that round(s).
  5. We get you tee times up to 8 months in advance.
  6. 50% Discount for Group Leaders who have 16 golfers or more.
  7. We get the best rates available.
  8. We make your tee times and lodging reservations, and can also recommend restaurants and nearby activities.
  9. With each golfer paying us it eliminates the group leader from having to handle and track money (a major headache!).
  10. Our golfers rave about our customer service (we have lots of die-hard fans!)


50% off for the Group Leader for groups of 16 or more